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Flip-flop fear: how these flimsy shoes can impact your step

Sure, they’re cute and comfy, but the dollar flip-flops you live in could be doing more harm than good. Take a close look at this summer (and sometimes year-round) footwear and you’ll see something very clearly: your shoes aren’t made of much and they could be injuring your body. The soles are often made from […]

Barefoot Running Shoes: Go Slowly

By Neil Wagner People began running way before there were any shoes, but that was a long time ago. It can be very difficult for a human foot that’s worn shoes all its life to adjust to running without them. That’s why runners interested in switching to minimalist running shoes should make the transition very […]

Better Walking with Chocolate

By Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN Chocolate may not be health food, but its health benefits continue to mount. A new study from Italy suggests that chocolate may improve walking ability in people with poor blood flow in their legs because of peripheral artery disease (PAD). In PAD plaque builds up in the arteries that […]

A $.69 Cure for Blisters

By Neil Wagner Hikers and runners fear them; women in heels invite them. A simple new way to prevent most blisters. There’s little that’s harder on the feet than long-distance running, and blisters are a common problem. Now there appears to be a wonderfully low-tech way to prevent blistering — all you need is a […]

Keep Your Balance with a Good Pair of Shoes

Falls can happen for a number of reasons; tripping, slipping on ice, or simply being less steady on your feet. As we age our risk of being seriously injured in a fall increases. We can’t avoid certain changes to our bodies, but we can do something to prevent and safe guard against injury. One way […]

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  • “I have seen Dr. Wright four times and each experience has been great. He has explained the situation clearly, and I've always left with great results. I had an issue with billing, and wanted to find out some more information, he and his office staff took care of it with practically no questions asked. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pediatrist.”

    - Matt W.

  • “Dr Wright made a great impression at my first visit. He was a knowledgeable in his area of expertise, great communicator with insightful recommendations and compassionate. I highly recommend him as a podiatrist.”

    - Sharon V.

  • “I've been a patient in this clinic for years and I adore the staff here! They are kind, considerate and true professionals. Dr Wright takes the time to listen and sincerely cares for his patients. He is irreplaceable and is always looking for the best options for his patients.”

    - Lacee J.

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