No two feet are alike, so the best way to ensure a comfortable and functional orthotic is to see a podiatrist who can make a custom mold for your feet. At Utah Foot and Ankle, Dr. Taylor Wright also takes into consideration your lifestyle.

What do you need to do while wearing an orthotic? If you are active and like to play sports or ride bikes, you are going to need a different type of orthotic than someone who just walks for exercise or doesn’t get around much. Likewise, someone with neuropathy or poor circulation is going to need an entirely different type of orthotic.

Most people can achieve some benefit from an orthotic. You may be a candidate for orthotics if you have any of these symptoms:

  • One side of the sole of your shoe wears out faster than the other
  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Chronic knee, heel, or lower back pain
  • Chronic shin splints or sore shins
  • Your toes are not straight
  • Your feet point inward or outward when you walk
  • Your heels hurt when you first get out of bed

Orthotics are shoe inserts that make standing, walking, and running easier and less painful. A custom-molded orthotic works by slightly altering the angles at which your foot strikes the ground. This can reduce foot pain caused by a deformity or injury.

Dr. Wright may prescribe custom orthotics for rehabilitation after an athletic injury or reconstructive surgery. He also prescribes special orthotics designed for diabetes-related foot conditions.

We make custom orthotics in the office by taking an impression of your foot. The orthotic is designed to correct any misalignments in your foot. The finished orthotic gets inserted in your shoe so that you can have balanced, happy feet all the time. You may need special shoes with extra space to allow room for the orthotic.

Learn more about orthotics in our patient education library.

Your feet should not hurt. If they do, chances are there is a problem that only a podiatrist can address.  Let Dr. Wright take a look at your feet. Call Utah Foot and Ankle in Salt Lake City today at (801) 266-3113.

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