MLS Laser Treatments

for Neuropathy, Foot Pain, and

Hyper Blue Laser

for Fungal Nails

The Tenex FAST Procedure

Advanced, Minimally Invasive
Treatment for Heel Pain

Podiatry and Foot and Ankle Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to Utah Foot and Ankle - Dr. Taylor Wright

Here at Utah Foot and Ankle in Salt Lake City, we provide unique, non-invasive treatments for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. We have a variety of laser treatments available that can be the alternative to surgery you’ve been looking for. Dr. Taylor Wright uses laser therapy for rapid healing, pain management, and more.

We also offer advanced sports therapies for runners and athletes of all kinds who need relief from foot pain or ankle injuries. In addition, we are experts at caring for patients with painful, infected ingrown toenails, and we provide wound care and orthotics for diabetic feet.

Dr. Wright truly loves working with his patients. As a runner and athlete himself, he knows the impact a foot or ankle injury can have on your life. Dr. Wright trained with top orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists at Yale and Bay Area Kaiser. He has found that the best approach is to focus on the individual’s needs and provide options, not just treatments. Most people can avoid surgery, but Dr. Wright does foot and ankle surgery when necessary.

Just about anyone can benefit from seeing a podiatrist. We see athletes, adults, children, and seniors. If you have foot pain or ankle pain, the solution may be very simple. Contact Utah Foot and Ankle today for more details. To see a podiatrist in Salt Lake City, please call (801) 266-3113 or request an appointment online.